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Sports & Leisure

Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor
Provides a set of essential information for you to better plan your training sessions and monitor your progress more easily!
36.40 £
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Slimming Strap Just Slim Sauna
A strap with sauna effect to help reduce fluid retention and improve silhouette.
11.95 £
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Slender Shaper Massage Belt
A massage belt to help burn fat in the areas of the legs, thighs, belly and arms. Just 10 minutes of use per day.
29.95 £
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Sauna X-Body Tracksuit
With sauna effect to increase sweating and thus improve the appearance of the skin, reducing cellulite and the orange peel effect. Buy it now.
14.95 £
Armor Belt Reducing Range and Brokerage
Protects the lower back and abdomen when doing sports and jobs that require some physical effort. It is also ideal for correcting posture and reducing waist.
18.95 £
Trainer Pad for Abdominals
Exercise your abs easily and comfortably. The Trainer Pad has 15 levels of exercise intensity and can be used at any time.
19.95 £
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All Sports Accessories

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Gym Ball 65 cm
The Gym Ball 65 cm is ideal for exercising anywhere and is recommended for everyone. Keep fit without leaving home!
15.95 £
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Yoga Mat Jocca
This treadmill will allow you to do all your favorite exercises, whether at home, in the park or in yoga group classes.
11.95 £
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Tucan Kiss 2 Waist Bag Yellow
This bag is perfect for sports activities. You can carry whatever you need whenever you go out a ball, run or exercise.
12.90 £
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Tucan Kiss 2 Waist Bag Blue
This bag is perfect for sports activities. You can carry whatever you need whenever you go for a walk, run or exercise.
12.90 £
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Tucano Kiss 2 Waist Bag Pink
This bag is perfect for sports activities. You can carry whatever you need whenever you go for a walk, run or exercise.
12.90 £
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Tucano Waist Bag Blue Bolla
Always carry your essentials with you when you exercise thanks to this ergonomic waistband bag.
9.99 £
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Outdoors and travel

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Bestway Giant Inflatable Pool
Make the most of the warmth and family this summer with the help of this oversized inflatable pool.
49.40 £
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Portable Digital Scale
If you travel frequently or need to weigh objects regularly, this digital scale with a capacity of up to 50 kg is right for you!
9.95 £
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Pocket Ashtray
This practical and lightweight pocket ashtray is the ideal solution for storing cigarette tips when there are no ashtrays nearby!
0.95 £
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Wallock Anti-Theft Electronic Travel Wallock
This wallet is designed to make life on the go easier. With RFID protection, it's ideal for keeping your belongings safe in the various compartments.
12.40 £
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Hammock Pool Inflatable Bed
Enjoy a beautiful morning or afternoon by the pool, relaxing in this comfortable Hammock Pool Inflatable Bed.
19.95 £
Flamingo Inflatable Mattress
If you're a fan of flamingos, enjoy your company in the form of this Inflatable Mattress during the hot summer months!
16.95 £
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Sports Appliances

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Ball and Step Training System
Improve your physical condition from the comfort of your home with the help of this step exercise ball that allows you to perform numerous exercises!
12.95 £
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Sensory Fitness Exercise Pad
This exercise pad is recommended for various purposes such as rehabilitation after injury, coordination, balance training, massages, etc.
15.95 £
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Electric Trail Running Flash
Avoid sedentary lifestyle and exercise in the comfort of your home with the help of this treadmill with 12 preset programs. Keeping yourself in shape is much simpler!
249.95 £
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Wireless Jump Rope
Get in shape with the help of this innovative cordless rope! It also includes a digital counter that indicates the jumps, speed and calories consumed.
10.95 £
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Boxing Bag
With high quality filler and reinforced seams this bag is ideal for improving the speed, power and precision of punches!
57.40 £
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Foldable Static Bike EVO B1600
This bike has a special open frame design on the front to comfortably access the saddle without any effort.
199.00 £
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Belts and electrostimulators

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Scultor Body Body Shaper Women
This complete shaper is perfect to wear with complete confidence, without fear that the natural curves of the body will appear more than you would like.
22.95 £
EMS Fit Boot Toning
Exercise your abs and biceps easily and comfortably. This electrostimulator has 4 programs and can be used at any time.
19.40 £
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Sports Reducing Range with Sauna Effect
Here is a fantastic strap with sauna effect that will help you improve your silhouette and stay in shape for the summer.
11.40 £
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Sports Strips with Sauna Effect for Arms and Legs
These bands are ideal to intensify exercise results and combat more effectively the flabbiness of the arms and thigh cellulite.
18.95 £
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X-Tra Sauna Women's Sports Vest & Strap
This vest with an integrated strap is designed to maximize the results of physical exercise thanks to its sauna effect!
24.40 £
Modeling Sweater with Sports Straps
Optimize your physical activity to the fullest with the help of this sports jersey with sauna effect. Ideal for use in your physical activities!
24.90 £

Seed kits

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Grow It: Succulents
A kit with everything you need to plant succulents and decorate your spaces with these beautiful plants. A creative gift to offer!
14.65 £
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Genie Kitchen Garden Tregren Pot Nutrients
These nutrients have been specially designed for the cultivation of vegetables in Tregren containers. Each pack consists of 8 doses.
9.90 £
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Herbs Seed Set of Provence Tregren
Grow the herbs of provence and make your dishes even tastier! Inlcui seeds of rosemary, thyme, oregano, marjoram, tarragon and sage.
15.90 £
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Set of 4 types of Tregren seeds
If you already have the Genie Kitchen Garden Tregen Black Vase, you only need the seeds to start planting delicious aromatic herbs!
9.90 £
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Make Me Grow: Money Born in Trees
A perfect original gift for that friend who keeps counting his change. This kit includes everything that is needed to grow the money plant!
9.40 £
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Sow and Watch Growing: Pizza Chef
This kit includes 3 different seeds that will allow you to make a delicious homemade pizza! Kids will love to participate!
9.95 £
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