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Pasta Making Machine
A manual machine for making pasta of different thicknesses. Fantastic to make homemade pasta and always fresh at home!
25.95 £
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Electric Lunch Box
Take fresh food anywhere and enjoy it warm thanks to this very practical and easy to use electric lunch box.
14.90 £
Garbage Bags Holder
This 3-piece container is an excellent holder for garbage bags. You hang it from a drawer or a door and you get a hands-free deposit for the trash!
5.95 £
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Slice It Style Grator
This compact multifunctional grater is ideal for preparing all kinds of meals. Includes 3 different detachable blades for chopping, grating and slicing.
16.95 £
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Electric Lunch Box with Extractable Compartment
Keeps food at the optimum temperature until lunch/dinner time! Includes an extractable container with 4 divisions and cutlery!
13.95 £

All Kitchen Utensils

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-30% Multi-use Manual Mixer
This manual mixer requires no electricity and is perfect for making your favorite recipes thanks to its lightweight and long-lasting design.
6.95 £
9.95 £
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Ceramic Microwave Egg Cooker
The perfect tool has arrived to prepare your eggs quickly and easily in the microwave. Perfect for poached eggs, omelets, scrambled eggs and other recipes.
13.40 £
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Sharvy Pro V Knife Sharvy
This effective manual sharpener with V-design allows you to polish and sharpen all kinds of knives and is very simple to use!
15.95 £
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-14% Mini Spiral Vegetable Cutter
Savor delicious salads or add a touch of originality to your favorite dishes thanks to the Mini Spiral Vegetable Cutter.
18.40 £
21.40 £
Product added
New 8 in 1 Vegetable Cutter
Cut and grate fruits and vegetables in various shapes with the help of this 8-in-1 cutter that includes 4 blades, a juices accessory and another spiralizer.
27.95 £
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Barbecue Net Bags (Pack 2)
These 2 netting bags are perfect for grilling vegetables and other small foods without the danger of catching or falling and being burned in the flames.
18.95 £
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For drinks

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Decanter Set Diamond Deluxe
Enhance the decoration of your spaces with the help of this beautiful set consisting of a decanter and 2 diamond-shaped cups.
64.95 £
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Wine Set with Corkscrew and Accessories 5 Pieces
This complete set for quality wine has a modern and elegant design, ideal to offer lovers of good wine.
19.40 £
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Deluxe Globe Decanter Set
Enhance the decoration of your spaces with the help of this beautiful set consisting of a rotating globe decanter, 2 cups and an airtight lid.
64.95 £
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Bottle Holder Black Tape
The Black Ribbon Bottle Holder is a decorative bottle holder full of personality that will give a fantastic touch to your home!
14.95 £
Product added
Set of Decanter and 2 Wine Cups
Make the most of your wine with the help of this set of a decanter with 2 glasses of wine. Perfect for offering and for special occasions.
13.95 £
Product added
Beverage Dispenser 4L
Serving drinks at parties and events is much more fun with the help of this 4-liter glass beverage dispenser.
14.95 £
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Other Kitchen Accessories

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Square Bamboo Coasters (Pack 6)
No more brands of cups and drinks on the tables of your home with the help of this set of 6 bases made of bamboo with original patterns.
6.95 £
Product added
Shopping Cart 52 Liters
This sturdy and sturdy stroller is perfect for carrying your purchases. With a large capacity of 52 liters and wide wheels.
24.90 £
Product added
-21% Appetizer Set 17 Pieces
Offer a large amount of appetizers to your guests at the next party thanks to this complete and set to serve appetizers.
7.40 £
9.40 £
Product added
-17% Spice Organizer Shelves (2 levels)
Give your kitchen a modern and organized look with the help of this set of two organizing spice shelves and other objects!
11.95 £
14.40 £
Product added
New Set 2 Playful and Tasty Mugs
Bring good mood to your table with the help of this pair of fun 350-ml cheerful and perplexed 3D face mugs from Tassen brand.
27.95 £
Product added
New Set 2 Cheerful and Perplexed Mugs
Bring good mood to your table with the help of this pair of fun 350-ml cheerful and perplexed 3D face mugs from Tassen brand.
27.95 £
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Food preparation

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Reusable Tiger Carry Bag (Pack 3)
This set of 3 reusable tiger bags are the best way for kids to carry small snacks to eat throughout the day.
3.40 £
Product added
Shake and Take Portable Blender
Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will now be much easier and more fun thanks to this portable blender that includes two bottles.
22.40 £
-14% Netpan Titanium Frying Pans (Pack 5)
Frying pans, with their titanium mesh structure, make it possible to cook all kinds of food evenly, allowing cooking without adding fat.
33.40 £
38.95 £
Product added
Electric Filter Coffee Maker with Silvano Thermal Jug
This coffee maker allows you to prepare up to 1 liter of coffee at once, The filter is extractable and washable, so you can reuse it.
35.95 £
Product added
Portable Cup Blender
Thanks to its original and portable design, you can take this cup blender anywhere to enjoy natural juices and smoothies.
24.95 £
Juice Juice Squeezer Natural Juice
With the slow extraction system at 60 revolutions per minute, this juicer is the best alternative for those who want to lead a healthier life.
141.95 £
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