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Home & Garden

Pest eProtect
A device that uses the electricity in your home to radiate electrical waves that will send all the bugs and insects away!
9.95 £
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Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaner
Effectively sucks all the loose hair that your pet leaves around the house. Have the house always clean!
9.95 £
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Shoes Organizer 30 Pairs
A shoe rack that allows you to organize up to 30 pairs of shoes. Easy to assemble, it is ideal to make the most of the space of the house.
13.95 £
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Vertical Steam Iron Steam Iron
Ideal to have the clothes always impeccable without shrivels! Compact, you can take it with you on your trip.
22.40 £
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Anti-Insect Magnetic Curtain
Protect your home from mosquitoes and other annoying insects thanks to this very easy to install door curtain.
9.95 £
Anti-Insect Window Curtain
Leave the bugs out with this mosquito net for window! It is easy to apply and an excellent barrier against insects.
6.95 £
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Large Storm Glass Climate Drop
A beautiful drop shaped glass container with a wooden base, and liquids that change depending on weather conditions. An excellent decorative object.
26.95 £
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Disney Minnie Storage Sofa
This attractive Disney sofa is perfect for kids to relax and decorate their rooms. It also has storage space inside.
223.40 £
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Allocacoc Coin Lamp Dina
This lamp makes us aware of the value of energy, light and money. It only lights up when you put a coin on top.
39.95 £
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4 Baskets Kitchen Trolley with Wheels
Have more storage space in your kitchen thanks to this fantastic kitchen trolley with 4 baskets and wheels to easily move around.
14.95 £
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Dinosaur 1690 Blocks Triceratops Jekca
Create a spectacular dinosaur with the help of 1690 “lego” blocks that stack on each other. Very fun for the whole family!
70.00 £
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Cat 1690 Blocks American Shorthair Jekca
Create a spectacular cat with the help of 1690 blocks of the genre “lego”, which stack on each other. Very fun for the whole family!
64.99 £
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Extra Soft Electric Blanette 150 x 90 cm
A very soft and easy to use electric blanket that will allow you to relax without ever getting cold in winter!
44.40 £
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Nap Office Cushion
Take a break from your working day and recharge with a quick nap with the help of this ergonomic cushion!
13.40 £
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Curvex Relax Cushion
This cushion is very versatile. It is perfect to use anywhere with total comfort thanks to its special ergonomic design.
16.95 £
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Huggilow Armrrests Reading Pillow
This is an original and comfortable cushion that allows you to read in total comfort, since it adapts perfectly to the user's posture.
32.95 £
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Legs Cushion
Sleep on the side comfortably while maintaining a correct and aligned posture with the help of this ergonomic cushion to place between your knees!
15.95 £
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Star Wars BB-8 Pillow
Decorate your home with the help of this cute, soft cushion in the shape of the friendly droid BB-8. The perfect cushion for all Star Wars fans.
19.95 £
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Other articles

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New S-DRY Electric Foot or Wall Towel Rack
Have a warm towel waiting for you as soon as you get out of the bath thanks to this practical electric towel rail that takes up little space.
56.95 £
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New Heatcube Portable Mini Electric Heater
Say goodbye to the cold and enjoy a pleasant warm feeling while performing your everyday tasks with the help of this small electric heater!
29.40 £
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New Eden Orange Essential Oil
Create a warm and pleasant environment with the help of this orange essential oil. Perfect for aromatizing your spaces.
3.95 £
Product added
New Himalayan Bath Salt Mixtures - Energize
Feel completely revitalized and have a unique aromatherapy bath experience with the help of this blend of Himalayan salt and essential oils.
8.95 £
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New Amozone Rechargeable Ozone Generator
Keep the air in your spaces clean, free of odors and germs with the help of this device that transforms oxygen into ozone, providing effective cleaning.
32.40 £
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New Electric Bed Heater
Don't get the unpleasant feeling of getting into a cold bed anymore. Achieving the perfect temperature is much simpler with the help of this electric heater.
31.40 £
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DIY & Gardening

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Paint Touch-up Tool
Give the necessary touches to your walls in a very easy and practical way with the help of the Paint Touch-up Tool.
9.95 £
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LED Anti-Insect Lamp
The LED Anti-Insect Lamp is a combination of a lamp with an effective insect elimination electrical device for your home.
10.40 £
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Rechargeable Multipurpose LED Flashlight
Use this rechargeable multi-purpose led flashlight to have light wherever you want and whenever you need it. Suitable for small and tight spaces.
16.95 £
Product added
Mini Tactical LED Flashlight 50000 W with Case
Be prepared in any situation with the help of this fantastic mini rechargeable led flashlight with 3 lighting modes!
13.95 £
Product added
Spill Tray to Paint
Challenge the laws of gravity and paint without dropping a drop with the help of this board with a handy adjustable hand handle.
19.95 £
Product added
Multi-Tool 360 Style Tool
Discover the all-in-one key that gathers 48 tools into one. A very versatile tool that you'll always want to have around!
19.95 £
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Home care

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New Lumean Rechargeable UV Disinfection Lamp
Quickly and effectively remove bacteria and microorganisms from all kinds of objects thanks to this portable Rechargeable UV Disinfection Lamp.
25.95 £
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New Armari Clothing & Shoes Organizer
Organize your clothing and footwear anywhere in the house with the help of this complete fabric cabinet with plastic and steel frame.
33.95 £
Product added
Multi-function Portable UV Sterilizer Box
This box is designed to eliminate microorganisms and bacteria in everyday objects such as smartphones, keys, glasses, wallets, etc.
48.95 £
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Silvano Antibacterial Vacuum
This vacuum cleaner sterilizes using UV light and is therefore ideal for vacuum mattresses, blankets, pillows, sofas, etc. Ideal for those who have allergies.
75.40 £
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Vertical Steam Iron Silvano
This vertical iron is ideal to have clothes always flawless without cramping. It can be used horizontally and vertically, making it very practical.
35.95 £
Portable Vertical Steam Iron Silvano
Get rid of the crammed clothes and keep it spotless every time with the help of this portable vertical steam iron. The extractable tank has a capacity of 280 ml.
33.40 £

Storage and organization

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New Support for Rotary Commands
No more missing commands on the couch. This 5-compartment stand is perfect for stowing all essential objects.
13.40 £
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Shoes Organizer 12 Pairs
A shoe rack that allows you to organize up to 12 pairs of shoes. Easy to assemble, it is ideal to make the most of the space of the house.
14.40 £
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Universal Gel Holder
This sturdy bracket has a great grip and is perfect for fixing the most varied objects without the need for stickers or stickers.
9.40 £
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Bamboo Jewelry Box with Mibox Mirror
This box is ideal for giving an original and natural touch to your room decor and perfect for organizing and storing jewelry, cosmetics and other objects.
16.40 £
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Silicone Organizer Holder With Suction Cup
Arrange your accessories in a very practical and simple way with the help of this Silicone Organizer Stand with Suction Cup!
12.40 £
Product added
Holder Jewelry Astrologer
Organize and store your jewelry with the help of this eye-catching jewelry holder in the shape of an Astrologer.
12.40 £
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