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Health & Beauty

Ear Wax Vacuum
Remove all the excess ear wax with this excellent vacuum! A fantastic accessory for your personal hygiene!
7.90 £
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Relax Anti-Fatigue Rest Socks
How long are you on your feet? Do you take long trips? Are you suffering from poor circulation? These socks provide a feeling of immediate relief!
4.90 £
Eye Massager
Do you spend all day in front of your computer? Are you stressed or does your head hurt? Say goodbye to headaches, tired eyes and face tension!
11.95 £
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Universal Lumbar Support
Suitable for use in the car, office or at home. It has an elastic strap that allows a perfect fit and is made of breathable fabric.
7.95 £
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Adjustable Magnetic Posture Corrector
This posture corrector with strategically placed magnets help maintain a right posture and reduce pain and discomfort.
17.40 £
Royal Posture Corrector
Correct the posture. The support given to the spine by this vest helps to improve circulation and reduce pain and discomfort.
9.95 £


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New Forclean Facial Cleansing Massager
Improve the appearance of your face by doing deep cleansing with the help of this convenient, easy-to-use, rechargeable facial massager.
9.90 £
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New Omniver Body & Back Foldable Epilator
The Omniver Foldable Back and Body Epilator is very useful for waxing the back and other body areas with total comfort, presenting a perfect result.
17.40 £
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Pritech Hair Cutting Machine iTrimmer
Keep your haircut always in perfect condition and with professional results thanks to the iTrimmer Pritech Hair Cutter!
24.95 £
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Glidde Epil Ikohs Women's Hair Removal Set
This hair removal set keeps your skin soft for longer. Your new multifunctional friend, with whom you can take care of yourself.
49.90 £
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Surker 6-in-1 Hair Curler
This curler includes 6 accessories so you can dry your hair and vary in your hairstyles. Ideal for those who like to walk always beautiful!
29.40 £
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Flawless Body Epilator
Give any part of your body a sensational, smooth and hairless look with the help of this painless USB rechargeable epilator.
17.95 £
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For hands and feet

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Silicone Finger Protector
Helps relieve pain in the bunion, prevents friction and overlapping of the fingers, as well as the formation of calluses and crusts, promoting a feeling of comfort.
3.90 £
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Elevate Silicone Gel Lifting Insoles
Gain a few extra inches of height and walk in total comfort thanks to these practical and ergonomic silicone gel insoles.
12.40 £
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Foot Cleaning Accessory with Pumice Stone
Rub and exfoliate your feet instantly and effortlessly thanks to this accessory with suction cups on the base that attach to the bathtub or shower.
9.95 £
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4 Heights Lifting Insoles
Increase the height of your shoes discreetly with the help of these unisex insoles. The molds are flexible and adapt to the shape of the foot.
5.90 £
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Pink Spa Gel Slippers
Very comfortable pink slippers with gel to relieve pressure on the feet. The ideal solution for walking around the house!
9.40 £
Brown Thermal Gel Slippers
These slippers are so comfortable you won't want to take them off for nothing! They have a modern design and a soft touch on the outside and inside.
11.95 £


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New Easy Folding Bib Green
Keep baby clean and dry during meals with the help of this practical, foldable silicone and polyester bib with Velcro closure.
12.95 £
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New Reusable Child Protection Mask Level 3
It is suitable for children who, in a social context, will be able to use the mask as a protective barrier, namely in indoor spaces with multiple people.
5.00 £
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Adjustable and Portable Posture Trainer
This posture trainer is perfect for creating the habit of sitting with a good posture, while supporting and keeping the waist and back straight.
14.40 £
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Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer
This thermometer has an infrared sensor that reads the temperature without the need for skin contact, ensuring safe and hygienic results in seconds!
66.95 £
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Protective Mask FFP2 (Pack 10)
These masks offer a four-layer protection to protect against viruses, inhalation of hazardous substances, gases and odors.
44.90 £
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Disposable Protection Mask (Pack 50)
These masks are made of three folds and made of breathable material to protect you from dust and viruses, among others. It has a perfect fit.
29.99 £
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Massage Armchair with Footrest Jocca
This massage chair is the ideal place to rest at home and leave the stress of daily life. Make your stay at home more comfortable!
354.40 £
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Massage Chair with Footrest Jocca
This massage chair is the ideal place to rest at home and leave the stress of daily life. Make your stay at home more comfortable with this complete chair!
286.95 £
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Rechargeable Adjustable Hot Water Bag
Stay warm for up to 6 hours with the help of this Hot Water Bag with an adjustable belt that can be securely attached to any part of the body.
18.95 £
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-18% Cozyma Pajamas Thermal Cover
Get rid of the unpleasant feeling of wearing pajamas or other cold clothes thanks to this electric heating cover. 15 minutes is enough!
32.40 £
39.40 £
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Legs Cushion
Sleep on the side comfortably while maintaining a correct and aligned posture with the help of this ergonomic cushion to place between your knees!
15.95 £
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Head Massager 3-in-1 Jocca
Relax anywhere with the help of this complete massager with 3 accessories to perform different types of massages.
12.95 £
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