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Mobile Screen Magnifier
Watching movies on your phone has never been easier. With the Mobile Screen Magnifier you don't need to force the view anymore.
5.95 £
Product added
Go Duster Electric Powder Duster
Cleaning will no longer be a dull and time-consuming task thanks to this dust duster that cleans quickly, conveniently and with less effort!
13.95 £
Product added
Legs Cushion
Sleep on the side comfortably while maintaining a correct and aligned posture with the help of this ergonomic cushion to place between your knees!
15.95 £
Product added
Universal Dust Daddy Vacuum Cleaner Accessory
Clean your spaces to the last particle of dust with the help of this vacuum cleaner cleaner. Ideal for hard-to-reach locations!
9.95 £
Product added
Double Black Card Holder Wallet
Protect your cards as best as possible and access them quickly with the help of this Double Black Card Holder Wallet.
9.95 £
EMS Fit Boot Toning
Exercise your abs and biceps easily and comfortably. This electrostimulator has 4 programs and can be used at any time.
19.40 £
Product added
Mini Steam Climate with LED Freezy Cube
Create a pleasant, fresh and clean environment with the help of this multifunctional mini air conditioner: it cools, purifies, humidifies and aromatizes.
22.95 £
Product added
Painless Body Epilator
Remove hair instantly and painlessly with the help of this innovative epilator for use in the armpits, legs, arms, groin and puff.
19.90 £
Product added
Insect Repellent Pest Reject Pro
Pest Reject Pro combines advanced electromagnetism and ultra sound technology that more effectively repels rodents and flying insects.
15.40 £
Product added
Precision Face Epilator with LED
Remove the hairs with the help of this epilator. A safe and effective method for removing face hair in a quick, clean, accurate and painless way.
9.95 £
Product added
Slice It Style Grator
This compact multifunctional grater is ideal for preparing all kinds of meals. Includes 3 different detachable blades for chopping, grating and slicing.
16.95 £
Product added
Out of stock Body Machine Stimulator Belt
This unisex muscle stimulator helps define muscles and burn localized fats, simulating an intensive exercise session.
21.40 £
Product added
Mini Travel Sewing Machine
Perform small sewing jobs anywhere with the help of this small, lightweight and very practical Travel Sewing Machine.
14.90 £
Product added
Whitey i7 Wireless Headset with Charging Base
Forget the cables around you and listen to music from your smartphone or make and receive calls with ease and comfort!
13.40 £
Comb Vacuum Cleaner Antilice
Put an end to boring lice and nits in a simple and chemical-free way thanks to this innovative comb, fast, effective and painless.
28.40 £
Product added
Tourmaline Slimming Shorts
Wear these tourmaline particle shorts while training or daily underneath your clothes and display an enviable silhouette!
13.40 £
Out of stock Fitness Platform for Glutes, Legs and Arms
Strengthen the muscles of your legs, glutes and arms and stay fit without leaving the house with the help of the Glute Platform, legs and arms!
42.40 £
Product added
Reversible 1 Place Sofa Protector
Protect your individual sofa from stains and bring your living room to life with this reversible quilted sofas protector. Brown and beige!
11.80 £
Product added
Anti-Drop Paint Roller Kit
This paint set is the ideal solution for painting the walls and ceilings of your spaces with the guarantee of a uniform finish without splashing.
15.40 £
Product added
Men's Sport Vest Fit & Slim Sauna
It enhances the results of physical exercise to the maximum, since it increases body temperature and perspiration, favoring the elimination of fat and toxins.
12.95 £
Air Cooler
Keep your home at the right temperature whether it's winter or summer. With dual hot and cold function and ionization function, it is the ideal appliance for your home!
149.40 £
Reversible 3 Seat Sofa Protector
Protect your sofa from stains and hair and bring your living room to life with this reversible 3-seater sofa protector.
19.90 £
Product added
Magic Hose Extendable Hose 45 meters
Ideal to have at home because it takes up little space and is easy to use. With water pressure, the hose expands to triple its size!
16.90 £
Out of stock Magic Hose Extendable Hose 30 meters
Ideal to have at home because it takes up little space and is easy to use. With water pressure, the hose expands to triple its size!
14.90 £
Product added
Magic Hose Extendable Hose 22.5 meters
Ideal to have at home because it takes up little space and is easy to use. With water pressure, the hose expands to triple its size!
12.90 £
Car Control with Camera
A concealed camera on a car remote so you can make filming without anyone noticing. HD quality and night vision.
59.40 £
Product added
Universal Command for Gates/Garages
This command allows you to duplicate other commands. It can be used for most fixed frequencies and remote controls, such as house alarms, car alarms, garage gates, etc.
5.90 £
Product added
Kanguru Baboosh Woman Slippers
A pair of slippers with a unique design, comfortable and versatile, specially designed for women.
17.40 £
Powerbank Low Cost 8800mAh Portable Charger
Avoid running out of battery thanks to this Powerbank Portable Charger! It has a capacity of 8800 mAh. It is light and small, making it ideal to carry always with you!
12.45 £
Lamzac Style Hangout Bag
This lightweight and easy to carry bag fills up in seconds with air. With space for 2 or 3 people, it is ideal to relax anywhere!
16.95 £
Adjustable Magnetic Posture Corrector
This posture corrector with strategically placed magnets help maintain a right posture and reduce pain and discomfort.
17.40 £
Universal Lumbar Support
Suitable for use in the car, office or at home. It has an elastic strap that allows a perfect fit and is made of breathable fabric.
7.95 £
Product added
Electric Clothing Hanger 8 Bars
Easy and convenient to use, this clothesline with heated bars is the ideal solution for drying clothes on rainy days and winter.
42.95 £
Product added
Slimming Strap Just Slim Sauna
A strap with sauna effect to help reduce fluid retention and improve silhouette.
11.95 £
Product added
Electric Car Lunch Box
Savor fresh food wherever you are with the help of this lunchbox! Simply plug it into the car lighter and enjoy a hot meal!
14.95 £
Anti-Insect Window Curtain
Leave the bugs out with this mosquito net for window! It is easy to apply and an excellent barrier against insects.
6.95 £
Product added
Anti-Insect Magnetic Curtain
Protect your home from mosquitoes and other annoying insects thanks to this very easy to install door curtain.
9.95 £
Solar and Night Anti-Dazzling Visor Pala
A simple and effective way to make driving more enjoyable and safe both day and night!
7.95 £
Product added
Shoes Organizer 30 Pairs
A shoe rack that allows you to organize up to 30 pairs of shoes. Easy to assemble, it is ideal to make the most of the space of the house.
13.95 £
Product added
Out of stock Slippers Relax Gel Black
A pair of slippers with a special sole with anti-fatigue gel to rest your feet and legs!
12.90 £
Magic Cane
A very complete cane. Includes LED lights to illuminate the path and has a great grip on any pavement. It is foldable, taking up very little space and thanks to the design of the base, it holds up standing.
17.40 £
Product added
Ear Wax Vacuum
Remove all the excess ear wax with this excellent vacuum! A fantastic accessory for your personal hygiene!
7.90 £
Product added
Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaner
Effectively sucks all the loose hair that your pet leaves around the house. Have the house always clean!
9.95 £
Product added
Pest eProtect
A device that uses the electricity in your home to radiate electrical waves that will send all the bugs and insects away!
9.95 £
Product added
Out of stock Resound Wireless Headphones
Wireless headphones to listen to the TV, radio, your favorite music or to simply talk via the Internet without bothering anyone around you!
21.40 £
Product added
Vibratone - Vibrating Belt
A belt to help you eliminate the localized fat in your belly, hips, buttocks and arms without any effort. It's comfortable and easy to use!
19.95 £
Product added
Cardio Twister
A machine for you to start working out your body as soon as you get home. Lose weight, define your shape and improve your general health!
124.95 £
Product added
Out of stock Ziggy Car
Speed races are going to become constant at your home. Every kid (and even some grown-ups) will want to try the Ziggy Car!
35.95 £

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