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Magnetic Bands for Knees and Wrist (Pack 3)

For pain relief

Discontinued/Inactive Product
8.95 £


We are sorry to inform you but this product is discontinued. Please contact our customer support if you want more information ( 707 45 01 11 or [email protected] ). Until then check out our new in. A thousand apologies!


Use these magnetic bands on your knees and wrist and feel the power of magnets, pain relief, and release movement.
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Ref. 068-453:05375


Magnetic Knee and Wrist Bands offer support, stability and comfort thanks to their magnetic power.

Powerful and discreet...

Relieve pain in the joints thanks to the action of these magnetic bands. Simply put the magnetic bands in contact with the skin and within a few days you will begin to feel the benefits of magnets.

The Magnetic Bands for Knees and Wrist are composed of 3 magnetic bands, 2 for the knees that are effective in releasing movements and pain relief and 1 band for the wrist that gives mobility and agility.

These bands easily adapt to any type of body and are totally unperceptible under cloth, making them ideal to use while performing your normal tasks daily.

  • Set of 3 magnetic bands.
  • Easily adaptable to any type of body.
  • Totally unperceptible under his clothes.
  • Magnetic bands for the knees help to release movements and relieve pain.
  • Magnetic band for the wrist helps to give more mobility and agility.
Box Contents
  • 1 Magnetic Band for Knees and Wrist (Pack 3) that includes:
  • 1 wrist band.
  • 2 bands for the knees.
  • Magnetic Knee and Wrist Bands should not be used by people using pacemakers or other electronic medical devices.
  • 2 year warranty
  • Instructions in English

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