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Supports for smartphones and tablets

Out of stock Mobile Phone Support Charging
A practical support to put mobile phones charging, without them falling.
1.90 £
Gum Stand for Smartphones
Is there a more original mobile phone support than this one shaped like a stretched chewing gum?! For a more practical use of your smartphone!
3.90 £
Out of stock Gripgo Car Universal Holder
A durable universal stand for placing your phone or GPS. Simply press the device against the bracket and pull out when needed.
6.90 £
Product added
Out of stock Catch & Go Steering Wheel Cell Phone Holder
Very easy to install on the steering wheel of the car, this holder allows you to have quick access to various functions such as hands-free, answering calls or using GPS.
6.95 £
Product added
Multi-directional Spring Bracket for Mobile Phones
A very easy to use spring bracket for attaching your smartphone to the windshield of your car!
7.95 £
Universal Rotary Stand for Car Tablets
A bracket for attaching to the car that allows you to perfectly adjust the tablet or GPS vertically and horizontally. It also runs up to 360º.
8.95 £
Product added
Universal Car Tablet Holder
A universal stand for tablets and GPS navigation devices that allows you to very easily fix your devices to the windshield or the dashboard of your car!
9.90 £
Product added
Out of stock Universal Car Holder with Frame
Attach your electronics easily to the car and enjoy comfortable and safe travel thanks to these universal support!
9.95 £
Product added
New Universal Mobile Phone Holder for Car
Take advantage of the car's ventilation air grille to secure the smartphone there, thanks to this Universal Car Phone Holder!
11.40 £
Product added
MiniMagnetic Car Holder
Attach your smartphone or GPS to the air grid on your car dashboard! Super sturdy and without hindering visibility!
11.95 £
Product added
Aluminum Holder for Smartphones
This aluminum holder is compatible with all models and sizes of mobile phones and allows you to keep them horizontally or vertically.
12.95 £
Product added
Flexible Smartphone Stand
The extremely strong spring of this holder ensures your smartphone stays safe and stable and the flexible arm extends up to 80 cm in any direction!
13.95 £
Product added
Support Smartmount Plus XL2
A 3-piece stand to secure your smartphone or GPS to multiple surfaces in a horizontal or vertical position up to 60 cm high.
14.40 £
Product added
Macally Car CD Player Holder
Drive safely with the help of this Macally Car Magnetic Holder to suspend a mobile phone in the car's CD slot.
14.95 £
Product added
Smartphone Mini Cushion Stand
A mobile phone holder with an ergonomic and original cushion-shaped design. It is compatible with most mobile phones and has an anti-slip base.
14.95 £
Product added
Flexible Tablet Stand
This stand is great for watching videos, taking photos, reading books, and more. Extremely strong spring ensures your tablet stays safe and stable.
15.95 £
Product added
Car Phone Holder with Mirror
A very useful accessory while driving and you need access to GPS. Includes mirror screen that reflects the duplicates the image visible on the phone.
15.95 £
Product added
Macally Car Magnetic Holder
Drive safely with the help of this Macally Car Magnetic Holder to suspend a mobile phone in the car's CD slot.
16.95 £
Product added
Magnetic Suction Cup Holder for Macally Car
This holder is attached by suction cup to the glass or dashboard of your car. It has a hinged arm and the smartphone is attached to the bracket in a magnetic way.
16.95 £
Product added
Magnetic Cup Stand for Macally Car
Use your Smartphone/iPhone and drive safely with the help of this magnetic holder with car coaster fitting and flexible arm!
24.94 £
Product added
Bamboo Charging Base
This charging dock allows you to charge up to 4 devices at the same time. It has support for 3 smartphones or tablets and 1 removable smartwatch bracket.
33.95 £
Product added
Widescreen Support for Smartphones
Take panoramic photos with this 360º mobile phone holder. Includes a remote control controller.
33.95 £
Product added
Macally Car Tablet Holder
This Macally Car Stand is fully adjustable and allows you to use the tablet as GPS or as a way to entertain passengers!
34.44 £
Product added
Out of stock Car Phone Holder with Macally USB Charger
Enjoy your iPhone/Smartphone in the car with the help of this complete Car Phone Stand with Macally USB Charger!
34.94 £
Product added

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