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Straps, stripes and slimming suits

Workout Range Sauna
The Sauna Workout Range is ideal to help reduce waist and lose calories as it contributes to body warming.
6.40 £
Slimming Strap Universal Waist
Get a slender silhouette. It is ideal for practicing physical exercise as it provides support and protection to the back.
8.90 £
Slimming Strap Waist Trimmer
Get a slender silhouette. It is ideal to help maintain a correct posture.
8.95 £
Product added
Fit X Slim Men's Reducing T-Shirt
A top to put under the clothes that helps to get an elegant and patterned silhouette. An excellent solution for men!
9.95 £
Elastic Shaping Strap
A comfortable strap that tightens through hooks and helps shape the silhouette. Slim and elastic, it is ideal to wear underneath clothing.
9.95 £
Body Shape & Warm Leggings
These leggings will make you feel fantastic. They fit the body perfectly for a molded silhouette and to help hide localized fats. They are ideal as training equipment or to wear underneath clothing.
10.80 £
Sports Reducing Range with Sauna Effect
Here is a fantastic strap with sauna effect that will help you improve your silhouette and stay in shape for the summer.
11.40 £
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Shaping Strap with Handles Sauna
An innovative sauna strap with straps that helps shape the silhouette and achieve a fantastic look.
11.55 £
Out of stock Slimming Band Sweet Sweat
This range promotes warming up and fat loss. With an adjustable Velcro it is very comfortable to use, whether in everyday life or exercising!
11.90 £
Genie Slim Modeling Underwear
These briefs are specially designed to shape your silhouette and offer maximum coverage and comfort throughout the day!
11.90 £
Slimming Strap Just Slim Sauna
A strap with sauna effect to help reduce fluid retention and improve silhouette.
11.95 £
Product added
V-Shape Shaping Band
A double compression band to help get a V-shaped silhouette also helps support the back. Comfortable and durable thanks to its breathable fabric.
12.40 £
Corset Strap with Sticks
A comfortable strap that tightens through brackets and has 4 rods. Available in various sizes.
12.90 £
X-Tra Sauna Women's Sports Vest
This vest for women was designed to maximize the results of physical exercise, since it increases body temperature and sweating, favoring the elimination of fat and toxins.
12.95 £
Out of stock Men's Sport Vest Fit & Slim Sauna
It enhances the results of physical exercise to the maximum, since it increases body temperature and perspiration, favoring the elimination of fat and toxins.
12.95 £
Slimming T-shirt Booby Tummy
A top to put under clothing that fits the body and helps to get a patterned silhouette, hiding imperfections.
13.40 £
Tourmaline Slimming Shorts
Wear these tourmaline particle shorts while training or daily underneath your clothes and display an enviable silhouette!
13.40 £
Hot Shapers Training Jersey
With sauna effect to increase sweating and thus improve the appearance of the skin. Optimize the physical exercise you do as much. Buy it now.
13.95 £
Sauna X-Body Tracksuit
With sauna effect to increase sweating and thus improve the appearance of the skin, reducing cellulite and the orange peel effect. Buy it now.
14.95 £
Tourmaline Reducing Range
Made in breathable tissue, helps eliminate toxins and calories. It also provides perfect body support. It can be worn underneath clothing, comfortably and discreetly.
15.40 £
Sports Corsairs With Slimming Sauna Effect
Enhance the results of exercise with these comfortable neoprene leggings, which help increase heat and perspiration and favor the elimination of fats.
16.95 £
Slimming 360 Silicone Reducer Range (Pack 2)
Shape and reduce your silhouette with the use of this lightweight, comfortable and breathable band. Fits perfectly to the female body!
18.95 £
Armor Belt Reducing Range and Brokerage
Protects the lower back and abdomen when doing sports and jobs that require some physical effort. It is also ideal for correcting posture and reducing waist.
18.95 £
Sports Strips with Sauna Effect for Arms and Legs
These bands are ideal to intensify exercise results and combat more effectively the flabbiness of the arms and thigh cellulite.
18.95 £
Product added
Latex Shaping Sports Strap
A comfortable latex strap that tightens through brackets. Can be adjusted in 3 different sizes.
19.90 £
Scultor Body Body Shaper Women
This complete shaper is perfect to wear with complete confidence, without fear that the natural curves of the body will appear more than you would like.
22.95 £
X-Tra Sauna Women's Sports Vest & Strap
This vest with an integrated strap is designed to maximize the results of physical exercise thanks to its sauna effect!
24.40 £
Sports Strap with Straps
Models your silhouette and enhance the body's natural curves with the help of this neoprene strap. With double clasp for greater effectiveness!
24.90 £
Modeling Sweater with Sports Straps
Optimize your physical activity to the fullest with the help of this sports jersey with sauna effect. Ideal for use in your physical activities!
24.90 £
Shaping Strap with Latex Handles
A comfortable strap with latex and cotton straps ideal to fine-tune the silhouette. Squeeze through brackets. Can be adjusted in 3 different sizes.
24.95 £
Body Slimmer Sport Set
A set of sports equipment with sauna effect to maximize physical exercise sessions and fat burning.
26.90 £

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