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Spy cameras

-28% Keychain Miniature Camera
The Keychain Miniature Camera resembles in everything a simple key ring, but in fact this seemingly normal device is equipped with a miniature video spy camera!
14.40 £
19.95 £
Product added
Lighter Camera
It allows you to discreetly take pictures and record videos with sound. It looks identical to a conventional lighter!
24.90 £
Product added
-38% Micro Camera Full HD
An extremely small micro camera that will go unnoticed anywhere. With FullHD quality is ideal for recording in a hidden way.
24.95 £
39.95 £
Product added
-7% Clothing Hook with Camera
Record videos with complete discretion thanks to this hanger that hides a small camcorder. Ideal to watch your home!
27.95 £
29.90 £
Product added
New Mini Spy Camera 3
Here we have the world's smallest voice and image recorder, totally exclusive! A gadget James Bond would be proud of!
29.95 £
Product added
Mirror with DVR Camera for Car
This mirror to the rear view of the car is equipped with a camera that constantly records everything that happens in front of your vehicle.
34.90 £
Product added
New Spy Pen w/ HD Camera
Here is a new spying device camouflaged in a seemingly ordinary pen. This pen hides a high definition camera that lets yourecord everything that happens around you in a totally discreet manner.
34.90 £
Product added
New Button Spy Camera
A spy camera shaped like a button that works with a MicroSD memory card!
39.90 £
Product added
New Mini Camera Spy 3 Wifi
A very discreet camera due to its very small size. Ideal for filming everything around you.
39.95 £
Product added
Out of stock USB Charger with Camera
This USB charger incorporates a hidden camera so you know what's going on in your home in a discreet way.
44.90 £
Product added
-10% Spy Pen with Camera 4GB
A pen like so many others, at least in appearance! Because in reality, this pen hides a spy camera that allows you to record videos with complete discretion!
48.95 £
54.40 £
Product added
-17% USB Endoscopic Camera for PC and Android
Thanks to the narrow design of this camera, you can record videos and take photos in the narrowest, narrower spaces where a normal camera can't access.
49.95 £
59.95 £
Product added
New Car Control with Camera
A concealed camera on a car remote so you can make filming without anyone noticing. HD quality and night vision.
59.40 £
Product added
New LED Bulb with 360º Surveillance Camera
You can now use an integrated camera in an LED lamp to monitor your spaces. With a resolution of 720p and 360º lens!
76.95 £
Product added
New Smoke Detector Surveillance Camera
A very discreet surveillance camera embedded in an apparent smoke detector. It's ideal for watching your office or home and getting a broad view of what's going on.
89.90 £
Product added
-10% Binoculars with Camera
Record the most outstanding moments as you watch them in these ingenious Camera Binoculars!
115.95 £
128.40 £
Product added
Kodak W101 Wi-Fi Camera
This fully wireless camera gives you total flexibility. Its Wi-Fi installation allows you to place it wherever you want, both indoors and outdoors.
129.90 £
Product added
Kodak W101 Camera with Solar Panel
This fully wireless camera with a solar panel gives you total flexibility. Its Wi-Fi installation allows you to place it both indoors and outdoors.
179.90 £
Product added

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