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Invisible Ink Pen
This is a pen to write invisible messages with. It contains a button with an ultraviolet light that makes the written messages become visible.
5.90 £
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Out of stock Fake Banknote Detector
Stay protected every time you receive notes and check your authenticity with this small, lightweight detector. Works on euros, pounds and dollars.
8.40 £
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Anti-Theft Alarm for Doors
This door alarm is designed to be easily used on any door. It's a simple solution to prevent intruders from entering.
13.95 £
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Alarm for Doors and Windows
Very effective! Just attach the alarm and magnet to a door or window and turn it on when no one is home.
18.95 £
Product added
James Bond Locks Opener
It resembles a credit card and comprises a set of 5 different tools in stainless steel specially designed to open the lock of any house.
19.95 £
Product added
TV Simulator Secur+TV
An incredibly useful device that simulates a connected TV when away. Buy it now.
24.95 £
Product added
Security Bar for Doors and Windows
Keep doors and windows tightly closed with the help of this Door Safety Bar extendable up to 111 cm and 15 adjustment points.
29.95 £
Product added
Bluetooth Controller for Nuki Smart Lock Lock
Use this bluetooth remote to open a Nuki Smart Lock lock without having to use a smartphone. Very practical!
39.00 £
Product added
Smart Safe Box Digital Safe Box
The safest way to store savings and valuables. It has a numeric keypad to enter the secret code.
77.40 £
Product added
Kodak Starter Kit SA101 Alarm System
A simple and versatile security system for all types of homes. It's very easy to install and monitor!
159.90 £
Product added
Recorder EL831 with 4 cameras WA713A K-Guard
Watch your indoor and outdoor spaces with the help of this complete set consisting of a DVR and 4 720P cameras for indoor and outdoor.
399.00 £
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