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Pots, pots and pans

Out of stock Heart-Shaped Frying Pan
Prepare heart-shaped eggs, pancakes, etc. and give a romantic and special touch to your cooking!
5.95 £
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Steam Cooking Container
Take care of your health and cook the steam food in the microwave with this container. It can handle 2 dishes at the same time and is easy to use.
9.90 £
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Microwave Rice Cooker
Cook rice easily and quickly in the microwave with the help of this container with a steam circulation system.
9.95 £
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Grill 24 cm
Make healthier meals without using any fat with the help of this 24 cm non-stick grill suitable for all types of plates.
12.95 £
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Copper Non-Stick Frying Pan
Cook efficiently and safely in this Non-stick Ceramic Frying Pan! It is scratch-resistant and is suitable for oven and dishwasher.
17.95 £
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Frying Pan with 4 Compartments Jocca
Cook the food individually without mixing it with the help of this 4-compartment frying pan.
32.95 £
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Aluminum Grill with Ceramic Coating 48 cm
Cook safely and chemical-free with this 48 cm grill. It maintains all the properties of food and allows you to cook without fat! Suitable for induction.
33.40 £
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Out of stock Set of 3 Frying Pans with Marble Plated
Cook healthier with this set of 3 aluminum pans and marble coating. 3 different sizes with soft and colorful handles.
34.95 £
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Square Copper Frying Pan
A fairly complete non-stick ceramic frying pan. Allows you to bake, bake, fry, steam and sauté.
36.40 £
Product added
Set of Frying Pans (5 pieces)
These frying pans are characterized by an aluminium body with a heat-resistant coating. The handle of the frying pans is ergonomic and made of stainless steel.
37.95 £
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Aluminum Frying Pans Golden Effect (Pack 5)
Set of 3 frying pans and 2 glass lids, with unique design, elegant and sturdy. With ceramic coating effect gold.
38.95 £
Product added
New Netpan Titanium Frying Pans (Pack 5)
Frying pans, with their titanium mesh structure, make it possible to cook all kinds of food evenly, allowing cooking without adding fat.
38.95 £
Product added
Pressure Cooker Black Aluminum 9L
Cook all kinds of food faster and more nutritious in this pressure cooker that allows you to save time and reduce costs.
69.95 £
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