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Relaxation and massagers

Anti-Stress Emoji Teddy Ball
Emoji dolls have come off the screen and are now available in the form of a teddy to relieve all stress.
2.50 £
Relaxing Eye Gel Mask
This relaxing blue eye gel mask is great after a complicated day at work. It is very easy to use.
2.90 £
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Thermal Bag with Hot and Cold Gel 300g
The Cold and Heat Gel Thermal Bag is the suitable option for the application of cold and therapeutic heat, as it perfectly moulds to the body.
2.95 £
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Hot and Cold Gel Thermal Bag
The Cold and Heat Gel Thermal Bag is the suitable option for the application of cold and therapeutic heat, as it perfectly moulds to the body.
3.95 £
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Head Massager
Discover the sensations that are triggered by this massager, that was specially designed to stimulate the nerve endings and acupuncture points in your head.
4.90 £
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Cat Anti-Stress Ball
End all frustrations by simply squeezing this adorable Anti-Stress Ball in the shape of an adorable feline!
5.95 £
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Electric Hot Water Bag
Perfect for reducing muscle pain and warming you on long winter days. All you have to do is plug it into the electric power for a few minutes.
6.55 £
Character Hot Water Bag
This electric water bag is as soft and comfortable as a cushion, thanks to its soft and velvety fabric, very pleasant to the touch.
6.90 £
-11% Spa Hot Rocks
An excellent way to relax and alleviate the stress of the modern life. Heat the stones and place them on the painful areas. A pleasant and sensual experience!
7.90 £
8.90 £
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Thermal Bags for Pain with Belt
Thermal pockets heat up quickly and simply. Simply squeeze your internal disc, which provides you with soothing heat up to 60 minutes.
8.95 £
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Stress Ball
An anti-stress ball that we can brutalize at will without ever losing our smile! Your best anti-stress ally!
8.95 £
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Antistress Coloring Book
A book with 48 sheets of amazing coloring pages. Take the crayons now and start painting!
9.40 £
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Sweet Dreams Sleeping Mask
Sleep relaxed without the light interfering with your rest thanks to this fun and comfortable mask with the phrase “Sweet Dreams”!
9.40 £
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Eye Massager
Do you spend all day in front of your computer? Are you stressed or does your head hurt? Say goodbye to headaches, tired eyes and face tension!
11.95 £
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Relax-A-Strap Body Massager
A very versatile massager since it has an adjustable strap that allows you to use it on any part of the body. Enjoy relaxing massages with 2 vibration modes!
12.40 £
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Anti-stress Balls Set
Don't let the troubles and your frustrations ruin your days with the help of this set of 3 anti-stress balls of different colors and sizes!
12.95 £
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Head Massager 3-in-1 Jocca
Relax anywhere with the help of this complete massager with 3 accessories to perform different types of massages.
12.95 £
Product added
Spa Bath Accessories
A set composed of various accessories to enjoy relaxing moments while bathing.
13.95 £
Product added
Out of stock Double Foot Massager
This massager uses the Shiatsu concept of rotating knots, offering an invigorating massage. Simply move your feet over the blue knots to give them a relaxing treatment.
14.40 £
Product added
Fluffy Foot Massager
A foot massager that will provide gentle vibrating massages to your feet. So soft and warm, you won't even want to get them out of there!
14.40 £
Out of stock Roller Massager Roll-Over
A roller with a soft texture and a massage system that activates by pressing just one button. To use in various parts of the body.Total relaxation!
14.95 £
Product added
Legs Cushion
Sleep on the side comfortably while maintaining a correct and aligned posture with the help of this ergonomic cushion to place between your knees!
15.95 £
Product added
Electric Neck Massager
Relax with the help of this massager that provides a relaxing massage, relieves cervical and muscle pain and helps activate blood circulation.
17.95 £
Product added
Horizontal Reading Glassles
Perfect for reading or watching TV lying down, thus avoiding neck pain or visual fatigue. Quality mirrors allow you to have a perfect image.
18.40 £
Product added
Rechargeable Adjustable Hot Water Bag
Stay warm for up to 6 hours with the help of this Hot Water Bag with an adjustable belt that can be securely attached to any part of the body.
18.95 £
Product added
Ergonomic Legs Cushion
Improve your rest positions with this ergonomic Ergonomic Legs Pillow! Ideal for sleeping on the side and belly up!
21.40 £
Product added
Padded Acupressure Mat
Feel relaxed with the help of the Padded Acupressure Mat thanks to its design based on the technique of acupuncture.
24.40 £
Product added
Sleeping Mask with Music
Get a great night's sleep with the help of this adjustable mask with built-in headphones to fall asleep to the sound of your favorite melodies!
28.40 £
Product added
Bright Look Eye Massager
To apply on the eyes and get in a few seconds a pleasant and relaxing feeling!
29.40 £
Product added
-18% Cozyma Pajamas Thermal Cover
Get rid of the unpleasant feeling of wearing pajamas or other cold clothes thanks to this electric heating cover. 15 minutes is enough!
32.40 £
39.40 £
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Electric Cushion for Neck, Shoulder and Back 60 x 90 cm
Do not feel cold this winter with the help of this thermal cushion that applies heat to the back, neck and shoulders. The perfect accessory for this winter!
34.40 £
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Electric Cushion for Neck and Back 42 x 63 cm
Do not feel cold this winter with the help of this thermal cushion that applies heat to the back and neck areas. The perfect accessory for colder days!
36.40 £
Product added
Lumbar Electric Cushion 26 x 69 cm
Do not feel cold this winter with the help of this thermal pad that applies heat to the lumbar area. It is the perfect complement to use on colder days!
36.40 £
Product added
Out of stock Neck Massager with Heat
The Heat Neck Massager offers a powerful massage thanks to its rotating heads that release a soft heat while massaging.
44.40 £
Product added
Portable Body Massager
The Portable Body Massager is very complete and is equipped with 5 interchangeable massage heads for different types of massage!
44.90 £
Product added
Shiatsu Thermal Massage Seat
Enjoy full massages in various parts of the body, based on traditional Chinese therapy, thanks to this versatile seat.
59.95 £
Product added
Out of stock Cervical Massager Neck Vive
It has never been easier to get a relaxing massage that helps relieve cervical and muscle pain and improves circulation through electrical impulses. Simply put on your neck and select with the controller the desired mode and intensity.
65.40 £
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Massage Mat Relax
The ideal ally for days of greatest fatigue. Lie on the treadmill and enjoy the relaxing massage offered.
69.90 £
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Massage Mat with Heat
Feel totally relaxed with pleasant massages throughout the body with the help of this complete massage mat with 10 powerful motors.
119.90 £
Product added
Good Night Portable Magnetotherapy Machine
An effective machine in relieving various symptoms such as pain in the joints, back, head, etc.
122.40 £
Product added
Thermal Foot Massager with Pressotherapy
Pamper your feet and enjoy a pleasant massage wherever you are. It has 2 massage modes, 2 levels of intensity and heat function!
123.95 £
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