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Knives, sharpeners and accessories

Scissors Knife with Integrated Cutting Board
This original and versatile kitchen appliance allows you to cut and laminate with all convenience. Thanks to its innovative system, which integrates knife and board in the same utensil, it turns out to be more practical when it comes to cooking.
9.40 £
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Knife Sharpener
Sharpen your knives in a matter of seconds with the help of this knife sharpener, made of tungsten and carbon alloy, which makes it very light.
11.95 £
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Compact Knife Sharpener
This knife sharpener allows you to sharpen various types and shapes of knives, ensuring an optimal result, with ease and convenience.
12.95 £
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Chop & Roll Circular and Swivel Knife
Get the thinnest cuts with the help of this innovative and functional circular cutter. Ideal for greens, fine fillets, tartar, etc.
12.95 £
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Out of stock Set of 4 Stainless Steel Santoku Knives
Thanks to this Set of 4 Santoku Knives made of stainless steel, it will be easier to prepare your meals professionally. Design inspired by Japanese knives!
13.40 £
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Bamboo Kitchen Board with Tray
Thanks to the Bamboo Kitchen Board with Sliding Tray you can keep your kitchen clean and organized while you prepare your meals!
19.90 £
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Bamboo Pizza Board
Serve your homemade pizzas comfortably and simply with the help of this board with a large surface! Ideal for cutting and serving!
15.40 £
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Black Top Chef Knives (6 pieces)
A set of knives and peeler perfect to become a great chef. With a non-stick coating and anti-slip cable!
15.40 £
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Sharvy Pro V Knife Sharvy
This effective manual sharpener with V-design allows you to polish and sharpen all kinds of knives and is very simple to use!
15.95 £
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Cutting Board Game of Thrones Logo Bamboo
The Game of Thrones Logo Bamboo Cutting Board will make it easier to prepare your meals. Ideal for fans of the Game of Thrones series.
22.40 £
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Stainless Ceramic Knive Set Swiss Q
A set of five knifes and one peeler made ​​of Stainless steel with a ceramic coating to help you in the preparation of all kinds of food.
17.90 £
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Jocca Electric Knife Sharpener
Jocca Electric Knife Sharpener is very easy to use due to its detachable sharpening head with different slots for all types of knives!
18.95 £
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Namiutsu Shark Swiss Q Knife Set (4 Pieces)
This set of 4 knives is the perfect complement to any particular or professional kitchen, thanks to its great durability and strength.
19.95 £
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-11% Anti-cut Steel Mesh Glove
Protect your hands in the most delicate tasks with the use of this stainless steel mesh sleeve, ideal for working with sharp objects.
24.40 £
27.40 £
Kitchen Board with Drainer
This stylish cutting board has built-in a drainer so you can cut and drain food at the same time! An innovative solution!
24.95 £
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Cutting Board “Cow”
Add an original touch to your kitchen with the help of this cutting board, very practical to prepare your meals and at the same time decorate the kitchen.
26.40 £
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Cutting Board “Pig”
Add an original touch to your kitchen with the help of this cutting board, very practical to prepare your meals and at the same time decorate the kitchen.
26.40 £
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White Top Chef Knives Set (6 pieces)
This set of knives (5 knives and 1 peeler) is ideal for preparing all kinds of meals. Prime by the anti-slip cable and non-stick coating!
33.95 £
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Barbecue Knife Set (24 pieces)
Keep the right utensils for each task at hand with the help of this complete 24-piece kitchen utensils set.
29.95 £
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Spartan Wood Holder Knife Set
Prepare your meals with the help of this complete set of 6 high-end knives with an original Spartan soldier stand!
45.95 £
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