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For animals

Massage Brush for Cats
This brush provides your cat with pleasant massage, in addition to removing loose hairs, creating a cleaner environment around you.
5.90 £
Product added
Pet Glove Brush
Take care of your pet's fur by removing loose hairs and dust while massaging it with this fantastic 180 silicone bristles glove!
5.95 £
Product added
Animal Seat Protector
Transport your pet comfortably and with minimal damage to your vehicle thanks to this Animal Seat Protector.
8.95 £
Product added
Animal Food Launcher
A fun way to reward your pets. Easy to use, simply place the food inside the tank and pull a lever to launch.
8.95 £
Product added
Double Animals Feedback
This double feeder is the best way to feed your pet in a hygienic, comfortable and very elegant way.
9.40 £
Product added
Out of stock My Pet Paws
Tired of going to the vet to cut the nails of your pet? Try this Pedicure for Animals 'My Pet Paws'!
9.80 £
Product added
Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaner
Effectively sucks all the loose hair that your pet leaves around the house. Have the house always clean!
9.95 £
Product added
Cleaning Kit for Hair Removal
This kit is practical and effective to remove hair from various surfaces! It includes a double brush and a self-cleaning base that allows you to reuse the brush.
9.95 £
Product added
Out of stock Ultrasonic Command for Training Pets
With this device, which emits sounds with extremely low frequencies, you will be able to train your pet in a simple and painless way.
11.40 £
Product added
My Pet Refreshing Drinking Pet
Keep your pet water fresh for much longer. Just put 2 hours in the freezer and fill with water.
11.95 £
Product added
Vacuum Hair Removal Brush
Effectively eliminate pet hair from various surfaces with the help of this vacuum cleaner adaptor brush.
12.40 £
Product added
Comb and Cut Electric Knots Dog Comb
Take care of your pet's fur with this electric comb that simultaneously combs and removes the hair knots. It is ideal for long-haired dogs!
12.95 £
Product added
Ultra-absorbent Pet Towel
Reduce the time it takes to dry your pet with the help of this Ultra-Absorbent Pet Towel!
15.40 £
Product added
Out of stock Animal Fur Sideboard
Keep the fur of your pets well treated with the help of this 4 adjustable hair trimmer for various types of cut!
16.95 £
Product added
Out of stock Double Adjustable Pet Feeter
If you have pets at home and want them to eat comfortably according to their height, this Double Dimmable Dog Feeter is the ideal solution!
16.95 £
Product added
Cat Massager Bow
This bow not only grabs excess hair but provides a pleasant massage to your pet!
17.40 £
Product added
Out of stock Pet Brush Hose
A hose with a brush to keep your pets up to date!
19.40 £
Product added
Pet Mat 85 x 65 cm
This practical pet mat is perfect to be placed in outdoor access doors since it easily and effectively absorbs moisture and dirt.
19.40 £
Product added
Out of stock Refreshing Large Dog Vest
Provide your pet with maximum comfort and well-being and protect it from the dangers of elevated temperatures with the help of this vest.
19.95 £
Product added
Out of stock Animal Massage Glove Hose
Provide a pleasant massage while bathing your pet with the help of the Animal Massage Glove Hose.
21.40 £
Product added
New Pawy Rechargeable Animal Nail File
This electric nail file is perfect for taking care of your pet's nails. It has two speeds and several types of file included.
21.95 £
Product added
Hands Free Dog Leashes
This flexible and elastic leash is ideal for jogging with your dog or simply for walking in a very comfortable way!
23.95 £
Product added
Pet Pool
Spend fun and refreshing moments with your pet with the help of this Pet Pool. Ideal for hot days!
44.40 £
Product added

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