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Cardio-training apparatus

-23% Ball and Step Training System
Improve your physical condition from the comfort of your home with the help of this step exercise ball that allows you to perform numerous exercises!
9.95 £
12.95 £
Product added
New Jump Rope with Counter
Stay in shape with the help of this jumping rope. With a digital counter so you always know how many jumps you've taken and how many calories you've lost.
10.95 £
Product added
Out of stock Wireless Jump Rope
Get in shape with the help of this innovative cordless rope! It also includes a digital counter that indicates the jumps, speed and calories consumed.
10.95 £
Product added
Out of stock Door Abdominal Bar
This bar easily installs on most doors and allows you to do sit-ups with the greatest of comfort and comfort anywhere!
19.95 £
Product added
Out of stock Sport Fitness Balance Board
There's no excuse for not being in shape all year. With this board, you will be able to exercise more muscles at a time and tone the whole body.
37.95 £
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Out of stock Fitness Platform for Glutes, Legs and Arms
Strengthen the muscles of your legs, glutes and arms and stay fit without leaving the house with the help of the Glute Platform, legs and arms!
42.40 £
Product added
Rhythm Gym Exercise System
A gymnastic apparatus for performing physical exercises, reproducing dance movements!
48.40 £
Product added
Out of stock Foldable Pedaler Jocca
This pedaler will allow you to exercise for your cardiovascular health in the comfort of your home. It features a digital screen and is folding for easy storage.
57.40 £
Product added
Boxing Bag
With high quality filler and reinforced seams this bag is ideal for improving the speed, power and precision of punches!
57.40 £
Product added
Spin Trainer Pedaler
It is ideal for those who want to tone their legs. Helps strengthen joints and promotes blood circulation. Use it while watching TV or doing another activity!
89.95 £
Product added
Cardio Twister
A machine for you to start working out your body as soon as you get home. Lose weight, define your shape and improve your general health!
99.40 £
Product added
Electric Minibike YF612 BH Fitness
A practical option to easily exercise the muscles of the legs and arms. There are several options to adapt the training to your needs!
139.00 £
Product added
Foldable Static Bike EVO B1600
This bike has a special open frame design on the front to comfortably access the saddle without any effort.
199.00 £
Product added
Out of stock Electric Trawmill Evo Rider 1000
This treadmill is perfect for those who want to burn fat and lose weight. You can walk and run whenever you want in the comfort of your home!
229.90 £
Product added
Spinning Tour Bike
A very complete bike for spinning to work the upper and lower body, resulting in one of the most complete exercises that can be performed.
239.90 £
Product added
Electric Trail Running Flash
Avoid sedentary lifestyle and exercise in the comfort of your home with the help of this treadmill with 12 preset programs. Keeping yourself in shape is much simpler!
249.95 £
Product added
Out of stock Evo Rider Elliptical Bike
Thanks to this compact size bike will not have to give up improving your physical condition due to lack of space.
264.40 £
Product added
Out of stock Artic H673 BH Fitness Static Bike
Suitable for regular use in the comfort of your home. It has an open frame and an adjustable saddle so it's very easy to use!
299.00 £
Product added
Out of stock Vitacross Program YC202 BH Fitness Elliptical Bike
Exercise all the muscles of the body smoothly and without impact thanks to this bike. Offers a magnetic brake with 7kg inertia flywheel.
399.00 £
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