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Care and organization of clothing

-22% Washing Machine Bags Pack 5
These bags are the best way to wash delicate clothes so that they do not damage themselves in the washing machine and dryer. A set of 5 bags!
1.95 £
2.50 £
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Clothes Vacuum Bag 70 x 110 cm
The best way to store clothes and save space, keeping it free of dust and odors. Easy to use.
2.90 £
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Vacuum Clothes Bag 80 x 130 cm
The best way to store clothes and save space, keeping it free of dust and odors. Easy to use.
3.90 £
Product added
Clothes Vacuum Bag with Hanger 90 x 60 cm
The best way to store clothes and save space while keeping it free of dust and odors. Includes a hanger to hang in the closet.
4.45 £
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Shirt Folder
A simple gadget to always have clothes neatly folded and organized! As easy as can be!
7.95 £
-23% Lamb Removal Machine
Do not throw away the clothes with pumpkin. This machine is effective in removing the lamb and has a rechargeable battery and a large capacity tank.
9.95 £
12.95 £
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Folder and Clothing Organizer (Pack 5)
This organizer is perfect for keeping your clothes folded and organized in the closet or suitcase. A very versatile solution.
9.95 £
10.95 £
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Pumpkin and Hair Cleaning Kit
Composed of 3 accessories for all types of fabrics, even the most delicate ones, this cleaning kit removes puff and hair quickly and effectively without damaging clothing.
10.40 £
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Mini Travel Sewing Machine
Perform small sewing jobs anywhere with the help of this small, lightweight and very practical Travel Sewing Machine.
10.40 £
Product added
5-in-1 hangers
An excellent option to monetize the space of cabinets. They allow you to hang up to 5 conventional crosses on each stand. Set includes 8 brackets.
11.40 £
Product added
Clothing Hanger Folding Aluminium Green
Take care of your clothes easily and conveniently with the help of this folding clothesline that allows you to extend up to 3 meters of clothing.
11.95 £
Product added
Scarves and Scarves Organizer
Ideal for convenient and practical organizing all your scarves and scarves, thus occupying as little space as possible in the wardrobe!
12.95 £
Product added
2-Color Metal Clothes Ranger
Take care of your clothes easily and conveniently with the help of this folding clothesline that allows you to extend up to 6 meters of clothing.
13.95 £
Product added
Electric Brush to Remove Borboto Jocca
Transform your used clothes to make them look new thanks to this electric spill remover brush. It does not need batteries and is equipped with a garbage dump.
15.40 £
Product added
8-in-1 Multiple Hanger
The 8-in-1 Multiple-Hanger is a comfortable and versatile object for hanging clothes, perfect for organizing clothes and occupying minimal space in the wardrobe.
15.40 £
Product added
Out of stock Vertical Steam Iron Steam Iron
Ideal to have the clothes always impeccable without shrivels! Compact, you can take it with you on your trip.
21.40 £
Product added
Portable Vertical Steam Iron Silvano
Get rid of the crammed clothes and keep it spotless every time with the help of this portable vertical steam iron. The extractable tank has a capacity of 280 ml.
33.40 £
Armari Clothing & Shoes Organizer
Organize your clothing and footwear anywhere in the house with the help of this complete fabric cabinet with plastic and steel frame.
33.95 £
Product added
Portable Sewing Machine
A lightweight and discreet sewing machine to make small sewing arrangements anywhere. It is suitable for most fabrics and its use is quiet.
35.40 £
Product added
Cloxy 3 Heights Folding and Extendable Metallic Drying
This clothesline with 3 levels of height and 11 bars to hang clothes, allows you to save space inside your home and is ideal for wet and rainy days.
35.40 £
Product added
Vertical Steam Iron Silvano
This vertical iron is ideal to have clothes always flawless without cramping. It can be used horizontally and vertically, making it very practical.
35.95 £
-5% Electric Clothing Hanger 8 Bars
Easy and convenient to use, this clothesline with heated bars is the ideal solution for drying clothes on rainy days and winter.
40.95 £
42.95 £
Product added
Foldable Electric Hanger 12 Bars with Airflow
Dry your clothes indoors effectively with the help of this 12-bar electric clothesline with 2 bookcases adjustable in height and position.
66.95 £
Product added
Out of stock Dry Balloon Electric Laundry Dryer
A compact and effective dryer to dry clothes more easily on the rainiest days. Buy it now.
68.40 £
Product added
Clothing Dryer Portable Cabinet Bepro Home Turbo Dry
With 4 functions: dryer, cabinet, heater and clothesline, it allows you to dry up to 20 kilos of laundry, consuming less energy than conventional tumble dryers. Lightweight, removable and fully foldable to take up little space!
69.95 £
Product added

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