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Toning Appliances

Gym Form Duo - Muscle Stimulator
It is a muscle stimulator with two electrodes to help define the muscles, burn the localized fats and sculpt the silhouette.
14.90 £
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Out of stock Super Slim Vibrating Belt X5
This belt combines vibrating massages with magnetic treatment and is ideal for eliminating those accumulated fat as well as relieving tension.
18.40 £
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Glute Trainer Pad
Exercise your glutes easily and comfortably. The Trainer Pad has 15 levels of exercise intensity and can be used at any time.
19.40 £
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EMS Fit Boot Toning
Exercise your abs and biceps easily and comfortably. This electrostimulator has 4 programs and can be used at any time.
19.40 £
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Pulse Muscle Electrostimulator
Helps improve blood circulation and reduce muscle pain thanks to bioelectricity.
19.90 £
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Elektrainer Blast Electrostimulator Pad
Tone your muscles with little effort and anywhere with this Electrostimulating Pad. It has 15 levels of intensity and an automatic training program.
19.95 £
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Trainer Pad for Abdominals
Exercise your abs easily and comfortably. The Trainer Pad has 15 levels of exercise intensity and can be used at any time.
19.95 £
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Vibratone - Vibrating Belt
A belt to help you eliminate the localized fat in your belly, hips, buttocks and arms without any effort. It's comfortable and easy to use!
19.95 £
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Monlove Muscle Electrical Stimulation Belt
Exercise your abs, arms and legs easily and comfortively. With 6 programs and 10 intensity levels, this electrostimulator belt is very complete.
25.95 £
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Abdo Belt X Extra Vibrating Belt
An easy-to-use and comfortable belt that will help you reaffirm and tone your muscles. Belt vibrations favor the burning of localized fats while toning the skin.
29.95 £
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Out of stock Gymform ABS-A-Round
An electrostimulation belt to work the abs! Buy Now!
33.95 £
Out of stock Vibrating Belt and Sauna Abdo Belt S
Combines the power of vibration with the effect of the sauna to help reduce fat and strengthen the sit-ups.
39.90 £
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Abdo Belt Vibrating Belt Q
Easy to use and comfortable, it will help reaffirm and tone muscles. Vibrations favor the burning of localized fats while toning the skin.
41.40 £
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Slimming Belt Vibrating Sauna
A vibrating belt sauna slimming, eliminating toxins and massage that will leave you in shape in time for summer.
44.95 £
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Iwatmotion Reflyx Zen Electrostimulator
This electrostimulator allows you to enjoy 12 different types of massage anywhere. It is ideal for relaxing muscles and fighting muscle pain.
46.95 £
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Bepro Live Elliptical Vibrating Platform
This platform is very easy to use. It has only 3 buttons to control speed, time and power. It takes only 15 minutes a day to take advantage of the many advantages that vibrations offer.
149.99 £
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