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Hand and foot care

Out of stock Relaxing Gel Finger Separators
Relaxing Gel Finger Separators are one size fit perfectly to the shape of the feet thanks to their pleasant gel texture.
2.95 £
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Silicone Finger Protector
Helps relieve pain in the bunion, prevents friction and overlapping of the fingers, as well as the formation of calluses and crusts, promoting a feeling of comfort.
3.90 £
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Out of stock Gel Finger Separators
Set of 2 separators for toes. They help activate blood circulation in the feet.
6.90 £
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Smooth Nail File Electric Nail
Thanks to this Electric Nail File you can take care of your toenails and hands, without any effort and much faster.
6.95 £
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Pedicare Foot Scrub
A scrub with an ergonomic shape to take care of your feet. It is ideal for removing dead skins and calluses.
7.90 £
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Out of stock Exfoliating Slipper
An innovative slipper that, thanks to its peaks and pumice stone, cleans, massages and exfoliates your feet. One size fits all feet.
9.95 £
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Foot Cleaning Accessory with Pumice Stone
Rub and exfoliate your feet instantly and effortlessly thanks to this accessory with suction cups on the base that attach to the bathtub or shower.
9.95 £
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Monkey Nail Dryer
Um secador de unhas em forma de macaco que seca as unhas ao soprar quando coloca os dedos em cima da banana. Ajuda e muito!
10.90 £
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Out of stock Precision Electric Callus Remover
Effectively eliminate calluses and foot hardness with the help of this electric remover. Very easy and convenient to use!
14.40 £
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Pedicure Set of 14 pieces
A fairly complete set consisting of 14 pieces, which allow you to take care of your feet professionally in any part.
15.95 £
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Out of stock Beauty Nail Polisher
A polisher to keep nails polished and shiny in a comfortable and practical way. With 4 heads of different textures, you'll get a professional finish anywhere!
16.95 £
Product added
Unicorn Manicure Kit
This kit has everything you need to take care of your nails wherever you go. The 5 accessories are inside a unicorn-shaped box!
16.95 £
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Electric Callosities Remover
Remove calluses safely and quickly with the help of this fantastic rechargeable electric callus remover. For feet always well cared for!
18.95 £
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Nail Dryer Machine
Dry your nails quickly! It is perfect for making gel nails once it dries each layer in seconds.
19.40 £
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