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Lamps and lava lamps

Magnet LED Bulb
Give your refrigerator an original touch with this handy Lamp Magnet. It has a built-in fixed white color led and on/off switch.
3.95 £
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Out of stock Multipurpose LED Strip (Pack 2)
Always have a light on hand for when you need it. The Multipurpose LED Strip is compact, flexible and powerful. On top of everything, it settles in seconds!
11.90 £
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Out of stock Magnetized Flexible Dual LED Flashlight
The Magnetized Flexible Dual LED Flashlight is a perfect solution to recover objects in hard-to-reach places thanks to the magnetized extremes of this versatile flashlight.
12.95 £
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LED Touch Desk Lamp
Lighten up your spaces elegantly with the help of this tactile lamp. You don't need cables as you have a built-in battery.
13.40 £
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Underwater LED Lights
Use these LED lights in your bathtub, pool, lake, etc. and watch a fantastic light show! Ideal for parties and relaxing.
13.95 £
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3D Moon Lamp
Make your night magical with the help of this realistic Moon Lamp with 3 different light types. Ideal for decorating your home!
14.40 £
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Out of stock Magma Lava Lamp
A fantastic lamp to decorate your home! Available in two colors: pink and blue. Add a touch of originality to your home!
14.95 £
DJ Portable LED Projector
Bring color and animation to your parties with the help of this portable led projector with 7 different color lights. With handle very practical to carry.
14.95 £
Product added
Salt Lamp of the Himalayas Jocca
These salt lamps are made of natural Himalayan stones and are therefore unique. They help create a peaceful and relaxing environment.
16.40 £
Product added
LED Message Lamp
Write messages and make sure they're seen even when the lights go out. The acrylic surface of this lamp allows you to easily erase and rewrite!
16.95 £
Product added
Out of stock LED lamp with Bluetooth Speaker
This built-in speaker lamp is a fantastic accessory to decorate your spaces thanks to its original ethnic-inspired design.
17.40 £
Product added
DesignNest MIUD On-Off Warm lamp
Light up your spaces in a fun and creative way with the help of this on/off switch lamp.
19.95 £
Product added
Neon Flamingo Lamp
This fun lamp dazzles with its contemporary neon tones and the silhouette of a flamingo. Perfect to make any space more cheerful!
19.95 £
Product added
Aquarium Lamp Jellyfish
This aquarium shaped lamp brings simulated marine life and colorful LED lighting to your spaces. Watch how the jellyfish move!
22.95 £
Product added
Star Decorative Light
A fantastic accessory to create a unique atmosphere to any room and give a special look thanks to its star shape. 2 colors available.
24.40 £
Decorative Heart Light
A fantastic accessory to create a unique atmosphere to any room and give a romantic look thanks to its heart shape.
24.40 £
Product added
LED Lamp Lamp Dodo Qushi
This bird head shaped LED lamp supports 7 different colors that change by touching it lightly. It has internal battery for 5 hours of operation.
24.94 £
Product added
Moon in My Room
A moon to hang in the room that realistically mimics the 12 phases of the real moon! Controlled by remote control in manual or automatic mode.
27.95 £
Product added
Christmas Lights (560 LED)
A set of LED lights consisting of 560 colored lights. It has 8 lighting options and suitable for trees of 1.80 meters.
35.95 £
Product added
Allocacoc Coin Lamp Dina
This lamp makes us aware of the value of energy, light and money. It only lights up when you put a coin on top.
39.95 £
Product added
Tetris Light
One of the most popular games ever came off the screen and could reach your home. Stack the pieces by making various combinations and watch them light up before you!
39.95 £
Product added
Out of stock Bluetooth Lava Lamp with Speaker
An extremely complete lava lamp as it has Bluetooth function, speaker and microphone, to listen to music and answer calls!
43.40 £
Product added
Decorative Light Love
A fantastic accessory to create a unique atmosphere to any room and give a romantic look thanks to its heart shape.
45.40 £
Product added
Out of stock DesignNest Heng Balance Lamp Ellipse Light Brown
Unusual lamp with 2 vertical pendulums that suspend in the air magnetically, and which serve to turn on/off. Connects to a USB port or charger.
69.95 £
Product added
Light Panel Nanoleaf Light Panels Rhythm
Create the perfect environment anywhere with the help of these light panels that transform your music into symphonies of lights and colors!
199.99 £
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