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Organization and conservation of food

-15% Reusable Tiger Carry Bag (Pack 3)
This set of 3 reusable tiger bags are the best way for kids to carry small snacks to eat throughout the day.
2.90 £
3.40 £
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Out of stock Packaging Sealer with Magnet
Keep food in bags longer thanks to this handy Packaging Sealer. It has a magnet to put in the fridge!
3.95 £
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Out of stock Portable Salad with Fork
The ideal tool for transporting and preserving salads. Container for the salad and another to keep a cold sauce. Ergonomic design and 1 liter capacity.
4.90 £
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Pringles Metal Case
A metal can inspired by the famous Pringles to store different objects or foods in an original way!
4.90 £
Foldable Taparuere
Store and store your food in this fantastic Foldable Taparuere. It takes up very little storage space when it is folded.
5.90 £
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Out of stock Lid for cans (Pack 10)
Enjoy the canned drinks in a more comfortable and safe way. It consists of 10 units and is very easy to use.
5.90 £
Product added
Garlic Pocket
Keep fresh garlic longer and fight food waste with the help of this beautiful lanyard bag to preserve garlic.
5.95 £
Product added
Refrigerator Organizer for Cans
Keep your refrigerator organized with the help of this transparent container specially designed for placing cans inside.
6.40 £
Product added
Bag for Preserving Onions
Keep onions fresh longer and fight food waste with the help of this beautiful bag to preserve onions.
6.95 £
Product added
Refrigerator Organizer with Lid
Store food properly in the refrigerator and quickly find what you need with the help of this box with handle and lid.
7.40 £
Product added
Out of stock Fix Magic Pro Magic Lids (5 pieces)
Hermetically close any type of container and keep food for longer in vacuum thanks to these 5 magical lids!
7.95 £
Product added
Out of stock Fruit bowl with Hook
Fruit bowl with Hook has an original shape with a hook that allows you to hang the bananas and keep them away from the remaining fruit.
9.40 £
Product added
Refrigerator Organizer in Basket
Maximize the space inside your refrigerator and keep it organized with the help of this basket shaped organizer that slides like a drawer.
9.90 £
Product added
Kellogg's Metal Box
Who doesn't remember these famous Kellogg's cereal boxes? These metal boxes are inspired by these cereal boxes and are ideal for storing things and decorating your kitchen with a vintage and fun touch.
9.90 £
Silicone Caps for Containers (6 Pieces)
Hermetically close your containers with food or drink and store them longer with the help of these 6 practical silicone lids!
9.95 £
Refrigerator Organizers (Pack 2)
Keep your refrigerator clean and organized at all times with the help of these organizers. They are perfect for putting fruits, vegetables, eggs, etc.
10.95 £
Product added
Out of stock Support for 24 Coffee Capsules Quttin
Organize your coffee capsules in this elegant holder with a capacity of 24 capsules. The perfect stand for your kitchen!
10.95 £
Product added
Packaging Sealer with Blade and Magnet
Keep food for longer in the bags thanks to this packaging sealer, also equipped with a blade to cut bags and a magnet.
10.95 £
Product added
Out of stock Bravissima Kitchen Folding Taparueres (3 pieces)
Made of plastic and silicone, they have the great advantage of being foldable, thus occupying less space when using and storing them.
11.40 £
Product added
Food Containers (7 pieces)
Keep your kitchen organized with the help of this set of 7 different sized containers and colorful lids!
12.95 £
Product added
Electric Lunch Box with Extractable Compartment
Keeps food at the optimum temperature until lunch/dinner time! Includes an extractable container with 4 divisions and cutlery!
13.95 £
Electric Lunch Box
Take fresh food anywhere and enjoy it warm thanks to this very practical and easy to use electric lunch box.
14.90 £
Cereal Dispenser
This dispenser consists of 1 containers with a capacity of 500g and is ideal for storing and dispensing cereals quickly and controlled.
14.95 £
Product added
Safety Deposit Box for Refrigerator
Keep your food well protected inside this safe with safety lock. Ideal for those who share home and those who want to avoid certain foods!
15.40 £
Product added
Support for 40 Quttin Coffee Capsules
Organize your coffee capsules in this stylish stand with a capacity of 40 capsules. The perfect stand for your kitchen!
16.40 £
Product added
Set of 3 Containers with Vacuum Pump
Keep food longer and safely with the help of this set of 3 containers with airtight lids and vacuum pump.
17.90 £
Product added
USB Portable Vacuum Sealer
This sealer is the ideal solution to preserve your food longer. Simple and quick to use, it can easily be transported!
17.95 £
Product added
Out of stock USB Thermal Bag for Lunch
This bag heats the food through a USB connection. Ideal for the office or a trip in the car. Includes a carrying handle and ignition switch.
19.95 £
Product added
Adjustable and Hermetic Kitchen Containers (Pack 3)
Conserve food to monetize the space in your kitchen and extend the life of food with the help of this innovative containers!
22.95 £
Product added
Out of stock Double Lunch Box with Cutlery Bento Box
This double lunchbox with cutlery is perfect for taking your meals everywhere, in all safety and style!
23.95 £
Product added
Double Cereal Dispenser
This dispenser consists of 2 containers with a capacity of 500g and is ideal for storing and dispensing cereals quickly and controlled.
29.95 £
Triple Wall Cereal Dispenser
A practical solution to serve the cereals at breakfast time. Keep the kitchen organized with this triple wall dispenser.
35.95 £
Product added
Vacuum Bags 25x35 cm
These vacuum bags are ideal for storing and preserving food longer. They also allow you to save storage space!
36.95 £
Product added
Out of stock Electric Lunch Box Pro 50W
This practical electric lunch box is perfect for taking to the office and heating the food easily, without the need to use the microwave!
36.95 £
Product added
Vacuum Bags Sealer
Divide food into bags and keep it longer, taking up less storage space thanks to this fantastic bag sealing machine!
111.40 £
Product added

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